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Abstract - Ralf Schimmer

Dr Ralf Schimmer

Max Planck Digital Library

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"Evidence for Orderly Transition: The EU Project SOAP"

The shift from print-based to digital documents demands innovation in the process of scientific publishing. Several radical new Open Access Publishing business models have already emerged. The EU funded project Study of Open Access Publishing (SOAP) has set out to describe and analyse the existing Open Access publishing models in relation to the attitudes of researchers. The study is addressing the need for fact-based evidence of what might and what might not work. The goal of the SOAP project is to document different paths leading to an orderly transition to Open Access publishing and delineate a number of directions along which publishing may evolve in the future.

Supporting organization:
French Ministry For Higher Education And ResearchMax Planck SocietyINRIA - French national institute for research in computer science and controlUniversité Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne