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Abstract - Wolfram Horstmann

Wolfram Horstmann

Bielefeld University

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"Researchers’ institutional support for OA publication costs"

In researchers’ workaday life, the novel modes of scholarly communication are becoming a matter of course rather than a matter of belief or administration. As long as highly scaled solutions for OA publication fees such as a fully self-organized model or global prepay model are not a reality, academic institutions face the challenge of making the management of diverse models such as article based payment, publisher based prepay models or various discount and opt-in models as convenient as possible. The contribution presents how this challenge can be approached in a single institution by way of examples at Bielefeld University, for which an OA publication funds is established to provide a crystallization point for the various processes and actors involved. The relation between regular business processes such as invoice handling or subscription development and scholarly aspects such as the (free) choice of journals to publish in is discussed.

Supporting organization:
French Ministry For Higher Education And ResearchMax Planck SocietyINRIA - French national institute for research in computer science and controlUniversité Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne