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Abstract - Anita Eppelin and Johannes Fournier

Anita Eppelin

(ZB MED) and

Johannes Fournier


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"Gold Open Access charges at the national and institutional level in Germany"

The major research funding and research performing organisations in Germany issued open access policies that address not only self-archiving, but also encourage publication in distinguished open access journals. Since these journals often operate on article processing fees, authors are in need of funds to cover these charges. We will briefly present various mechanisms which German research organisations already implemented in order to help authors with publication fees as a crucial step towards lowering the barrier to open access. Furthermore, we will depict a plan to get to a more conclusive picture of those sums already invested in the „Golden Road“ of open access and finally point to some problems only international cooperation could solve.

Supporting organization:
French Ministry For Higher Education And ResearchMax Planck SocietyINRIA - French national institute for research in computer science and controlUniversité Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne