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Abstract - Paulo C. Carvalho

Paulo Cezar Carvalho


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Continuing Education for Math Teachers in Brazil Using the Internet

Education is one of the main challenges facing Brazil in its path towards development. In particular, in international evaluations, such as PISA, Brazil has done very badly in Mathematics, Reading and Science, when compared to the other participating countries. Changing this reality requires well trained teachers in all levels of education. This is particularly difficult to achieve in Brazil, due to the immense regional differences and the size of the country. In this talk, we describe an effort to provide continuing education in Mathematics for a large number of middle-school and high-school teachers in all regions of Brazil (about 2500 a year, in 25 of the 27 Brazilian states). The program is based at the National Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA), in Rio de Janeiro, and uses the Internet and the network of public universities in Brazil to achieve its national presence. All lectures given in the program are freely available for download at IMPA’s website.

Supporting organization:
French Ministry For Higher Education And ResearchMax Planck SocietyINRIA - French national institute for research in computer science and controlUniversité Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne